The Wagner Difference




  1. High level of quality and accuracy (during our first soft market in 10 years)
    1. Cartus variance on 2006 sales was 2.22% for Chip Wagner
    2. AMCO variance on 2006 sales was 2.42% (includes SIRVA and Paragon Relo Co’s)
    3. Primacy Relocation variance is 2.9% based upon 62 closings
    4. WHR Group variance is 2.2% for closings that occurred in 2006.


  1. Reasonable timeliness
    1. Same-day or 2-day turn around is not available from our firm.  It does not provide for adequate research and confirmation to provide the high level of accuracy and service expected from our firm..
    2. Our clients understand that when they order from the “best there is” that the demand for our services is high.
    3. All relocation appraisal requests, the initial contact is attempted within 24 hours.
    4. All relocation appraisals are returned to client within a reasonable amount of time, always within 5 business days or less.  Anything longer is communicated to the client.


  1. Experience of appraisers
    1. The owner does the majority of relocation appraisals

                                                             i.      Chip Wagner – 24 years (full time since 1990, first appraisal in 1984)

    1. Wagner has passed ERC’s On-Line Relocation Appraisal Training

                                                               i.      Wagner was a beta-testers for ERC’s On-Line Relocation Appraisal Training, helping the council to critique and improve the program as it was originally developed.

    1. Any other appraiser conducting relocation appraisals for our firm has been personally trained and is directly supervised by Wagner. 


  1. Relocation Volume
    1. Wagner has been around this industry long enough to remember the client-select days, and the change to the transferee-select process.  Nonetheless, we have continued to maintain a strong volume of relocation appraisal work built on a reputation of being fair and accurate.  We would not have the volume if we were not producing accurate appraisals in a timely manner for all our clients.
    2. In the year 2006 we had just under 500 relocation appraisals throughout the Chicagoland marketplace.
    3. Our professionalism and knowledge of our market puts faith in the real estate community to refer us to their transferees.


  1. Professionalism
    1. Wagner has a college degree

                                                             i.      Chip Wagner, Bradley University, Business Management major

    1. Wagner has earned the SRA designation with the Appraisal Institute, which is the highest designation that a residential appraiser may achieve in our industry.  It includes peer-review for experience, and coursework is equivalent to masters-degree level work and thesis (demonstration appraisal).
    2. Wagner is on Chicago Chapter of the Appraisal Institute Board of Directors and Residential Admissions Chairman.
    3. Wagner is a board member of the Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals.
    4. Wagner is a committee member and past President in the Relocation Appraisers and Consultants.


  1. Recognized leaders in industry: 
    1. Wagner has earned the SCRP designations (1 of the 13 active appraisers in country)
    2. Wagner is a member of RAC (Relocation Appraisers & Consultants)
    3. Wagner is a past president of RAC (2004)
    4. Wagner continues involvement in RAC after participating in nearly every position/committee


  1. Frequent contributor to relocation industry
    1. Annual attendance to national ERC Spring Meetings (consecutive since 1996)
    2. Frequent attendance to ERC Fall Meetings
    3. Frequent Mobility Articles published
    4. Frequent Conference Speaker
    5. Annually considered for committee appointments
    6. For the third year, Chip is ERC’s representative to The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (TAFAC) which is the liaison between the appraisal industry and the relocation industry.
    7. Has conducted training sessions to multiple relocation companies in Chicago area and around the country


  1. Abreast of Industry Trends
    1. Attendance and involvement in relocation and appraisal associations allows appraisers to have knowledge in past, current and future real estate trends

                                                               i.      Mold

                                                             ii.      Radon, Dryvit/EIFS

                                                            iii.      UFFI, EMF’s


9. Market Inventory Supply Studies

    1. Regional Market Data published free to press, clients and referral sources
    2. Used to enhance accuracy of our appraisals
    3. Quoted in local press 9 times in 2006 (Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, Daily Herald)
    4. None of our local competitors offer anything similar


  1. Corporate-acceptable business-casual attire is mandatory dress
    1. Competition is often seen in tennis shoes, jeans and even shorts and flip-flops.


  1. Corporate-acceptable presence during inspection
    1. Competition has been known to not communicate with transferee and spend 10 minutes in a home.
    2. The partners know the industry inside and out, and their knowledge, presence and demeanor helps to enhance the transferee’s relocation experience.
    3. Careful attention to the transferee’s concerns throughout our end of the relocation process.


  1. Communication with Clients
    1. Full-time office staff to accommodate client telephone requests during regular business hours.
    2. ETrac system implemented to allow seamless communication between management, appraiser contractors, and clients if they so choose to subscribe.


  1. Peer Real Estate and Relocation Community Involvement
    1. Corporate Relocation Council

                                                               i.      Regional Relocation Group with 300+ members of which 5 are appraisers

                                                             ii.      Actively attend, participate and present at local meetings

                                                            iii.      Wagner was President in 2001 – first appraiser ever to hold that position

    1. REALTORS – Wagner has conducted training and presentations to over 1,000 Realtors in 2006.

                                                               i.      Take time away from our business to present at office meetings

                                                             ii.      Allows us to learn from real estate sales professionals

                                                            iii.      Teaches real estate sales professionals more about valuation and inventory analysis.

    1. Appraisers – Wagner is actively involved in many formal and informal groups

                                                               i.      Appraisal Institute

                                                             ii.      National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers

                                                            iii.      Relocation Appraisers and Consultants (RAC)

                                                           iv.      Relocation appraisers active in the Chicago market have open communication with one another

1.      Presents opportunities to continue professional development and keep track of industry trends and peer appraisers.

                                                             v.      Chamber of Commerce